Friday, December 7, 2012


  I  looked at the previous post and it reminded of a moment stopped in time.  "Weekend Recap 10-28-2012" when I wrote that little did I know it was  the last post I would be writing for sometime, nor did I realize the devastation a hurricane could do. Of course, I saw the pictures on tv over the years but never realized the reality of it until 24 hours later when it hit and hit my area hard.  Water flowed up the lawn all around and gushed into my basement wiping out all in it's path. We had 51/2 feet of water down there,  just 6 inches short of my first floor. We lost everything that was down there pictures, mementos,  collections, not to mention electrical, heat and cooling system. The garage got hit hard to tools gone, fridge lost,pool chemicals,extra furnature, and of course my golf clubs.

We also lost 3 cars in Sandy and yet we are fortunate -  we still have a house, systems are being repaired and new car in the driveway. Some things will never be fixed just can't afford to, but there are many others who have nothing left. They have lost everything to an act of nature. For them the rebuilding will take years and life will never be the same.

For me, Talking Golf With Gary will return both the blog and podcast. For those listeners who have lost everything and for everyone who have been hit by this storm keep the faith.

My prayers and best wishes are with you.

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